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i-care, New Delhi has installed water Purification System in Police Line Ludhiana. It is functioning very well. This has proved to be of immense use to the famillies of Police employees and Police force as well.

Commissioner of police, Ludhiana


Indo Canadian Clear water Technologises pvt. ltd. company is in the business of Manufacturing and Trading of water purifier under the brand of I-Care.

I-care new generation water purifires are developed by a leading Canadian company, and are now being produced & maketeded in India. superior to conventional purifiers,they have been created with advanced technology first used by NASA to provide safe & healthy drinking water to astronauts on long space flights!

In fact,they are so unique that they actually add ions of essentials metals like copper, silver and zinc, as well as key minerals to the water during purification! for this reason, I-care water Purifiers are also called "Mineralizers"!

Our i-care range of world class water purifiers are a result of a joint research of Indian and Canadian teams. We have a technical agreement with a Canadian company, who are the World Leaders in the field of water purification systems.

i-care has successfully manufactured a vast array of products and equipment for applications ranging from domestic drinking water purifiers to large scale filtration & treatment Plants and sanitizing systems for entire swimming pools.

I CARE started its operations from New Delhi, India in 2010.

Over the years, it has evolved as a market leader providing technologically advanced healthcare products for different segments, starting from Water Purifiers, Water Sanitizers, Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners. It has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its robustness in technological performance and innovative designs enhancing quality of everyday living.

I CARE is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been at the forefront of innovation. It has grown to be a strong organization with offices across India and most importantly, millions of satisfied customers to its credit worldwide.

With a purpose to give good health to one and all, I CARE is the best guardian of your family’s health!