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i-care, New Delhi has installed water Purification System in Police Line Ludhiana. It is functioning very well. This has proved to be of immense use to the famillies of Police employees and Police force as well.

Commissioner of police, Ludhiana


What is ionization ?

Ionization is the process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or ions.

How does ionization kill bacteria and viruses ?

Electrically charged copper ions in the water search for particles of opposite polarity, such as bacteria viruses and fungi. Positively charged copper ions form electrostatic compounds with negatively charged cell walls of microorganisms. These compounds disturb cell wall permeability and cause nutrient uptake to fail. Copper ions penetrate the cell wall and as a result they will create an entrance for silver ions. These penetrate the core of the microorganism. Silver ions bond to various parts of the cell, such as the DNA and RNA, cellular proteins and respiratory enzymes, causing all life support systems in the cell to be immobilized. As a result, there is no more cellular growth or cell division, causing bacteria to no longer multiply and eventually die out. The ions remain active until they are absorbed by a microorganism.

Why do you call it mineralization ?

It is called mineralization because it adds micronutrients like copper, silver & zinc which are essential for our health.

How is it better than RO water ?

Ro water is “thirsty water”. Unlike RO water which removes all minerals, useful salts, nutrients, ions along with contaminants, i-care mineralized water will be as adds useful micronutrients like copper, silver and zinc. Since the pores of the RO membrane are appox. 0.0005 microns in size the harmful bacteria in the size of 0.2 to 1 micron & viruses in the size of 0.02 to 0.4 microns can freely flow in to the purified water but our inlet filters ensures that unwanted suspended particles and impurities are taken out.

How is it better than UV water ?

The UV treated water requires pre-filtration to avoid ‘shadow’ effect and neither does it add any valuable minerals to the water making it beneficial to the body. If the water is not exposed properly to the UV radiation, the contaminants may remain in the water. UV radiation does not kill all kind of bacteria and viruses and does not remove arsenic, bad taste/odors, chlorine, fluoride, hydrogen sulphide, heavy metal, nitrates, radon, sediments, iron, VOC’s etc. However, the i-care water is not just 100% pure water but water which is beneficial micronutrients like copper, silver and zinc apart from killing different bacteria and viruses including e-coil , coil forms, HIV, listeria, legionnaires, cholera. The i-care water meets the global drinking water standards which cannot be claimed by any other purifying system.

How is it better than chlorination ?

Most importantly chlorine is listed a poison and is certainly the major drawback of chlorination is the fact that it might contain poison. The water purified through chlorination might help aggravate respiratory diseases. In fact chlorination might form organic chemicals like THMs which if more than 0.10 mg/ltr is considered by EPA as potential cause of cancer. But the i-care water is full of useful micronutrients and has no such harmful substance which can lead to bad health. i-care technology ensures ionization which is 100% effective in all water temperatures and prevents corrosions in all types of piping, excellent bio-film penetration.

What are the main ingredients of ionization ?

The Main ingredients of ionization are copper, silver and zinc.

How are copper, Zinc and silver produced in this technology ?

i-care Mineralizers electronically release copper, silver ions into the water through a set of metallic alloy anodes. These metallic ions alter the enzyme processes of bacteria and algae. All the positively charged ions react with negatively charged bacterial cells and group together to attain a size which can be pulled out by the filters.

How do copper, silver and zinc purify the water ?

The released copper, silver, zinc ions that are produced by the anodes of the mineralizer are cationic, surface active and extremely potent biocide. The positively charged ions form electrostatic bonds with the negatively charged sites on the micro organism’s cell walls thereby distorting their permeability and preventing the nutrient intake. This coupled with protein denaturation causes cell lyses and death of bacterial cell. As a result, they aggravate bacterial death and purify the water.

How is i-care technology beneficial to us ?

The i-care mineralization technology uses no chemicals, which means the water is pure in the true sense of the term. The filters are so strong that they filter and purify most non-saline water sources. The water processed by i-care purifiers will remain pure in storage for a long period and also meets global drinking water standards. The i-care technology kills different bacteria and viruses including e-coil, coil forms, HIV, Listeria, legionnaires & cholera. Apart from these benefits it is easily assembled and is easy to maintain.

Is ionization safe?

Not only is it safe, but the minerals used for water purification recognized as essential minerals to the body.

How is ionization safer than chemicals?

Most, if not all of the chemicals used to purify water are caustic and or toxic, of which, many are now considered to be carcinogenic.

How is ionization better than chemicals?

The need for high level of chemicals is eliminated. Also eliminated are the strong chemical odors, damaging effects on hair, skin, fabrics, liners, and equipment.

What are the applications of copper-silver ionization?

Copper-silver ionization is suitable for a large number of applications. It became of interest when NASA used copper-silver ionization for drinking water production abroad Apollo space ships in 1960. The ion generator that was used was the size of a matchbox. Because of copper-silver ionization, drinking water could be produced safely in space without the use of chlorine.

  • Copper/silver elements eliminate the following: algae, bacteria and viruses (Note: With all viruses we have encounter in the testing of the system, CFG has been able to design and build a system to eliminate all viruses including E coli).
  • Ideal for those who are allergic or sensitive to standard sanitizing chemicals.
  • Dramatic difference in water quality.
  • Pump time for maintenance is doubled.
  • Piping and valves PLC is doubled with no corrosion factor.
  • Eliminates chemical odors.
  • Reduce maintenance time.
  • System is environmentally friendly and completely safe.
  • Provides long-lasting and constant purification of water contaminates with a residual effect of one year and in some applications up to 24 months.
Benefit Summary:

Copper-silver ionization affectively deactivates Legionella bacteria and biofilm, and it improves water quality. Copper-silver ionization has a larger residual effect than most other disinfectants. Copper and silver ions remain in the water for a long period of time. Because of its local affectivity, the effect is larger than that of UV. Copper-silver is effective throughout the entire water system, even in dead-end points and parts of the system that contain slow-running water. Copper-silver use affectivity does not depend on water temperature. When copper-silver is used, less maintenance to the water system is required. Copper-silver is non-corrosive; it causes less strain on the distribution system. Because of a decrease in the use of chemicals, the lids and pumps are not affected. Furthermore, shower heads, tanks and taps are not contaminated. When copper-silver ionization is applied, there are no transport and storage difficulties.