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i-care, New Delhi has installed water Purification System in Police Line Ludhiana. It is functioning very well. This has proved to be of immense use to the famillies of Police employees and Police force as well.

Commissioner of police, Ludhiana

i-care Certification

I-CARE has received the highest level of certifications for its products by renowned laboratories of the world. Each of its products is a result of intensive research and represents cutting edge technology. The products adhere to not only national but international standards as well and serve as a benchmark for the water purification industry.

year - 2013
Product - I CARE Water Purifier

Key Findings of project title “Quality and safety Evolution of Potable Water Purified By Different Technologies by Punjab Biotechnology incubator (PBTI), an NABL and BIS accredited Lab ( Punjab Govt. Undertaking )

Following are the key Findings of the present study:

  • Ionization based technologies retain / add the minerals in water, whereas RO based technologies de-mineralize the water.
  • Ionization, RO and UV based technologies coupled with filtration remove / kill the micro flora in water to almost same extent.
  • Water purified using ionization based technologies has disinfectant capabilities for personal hygiene ( hand swab study under this project) and vegetables (spinach study under this project), which others technologies are lacking.
  • All the four technologies including the ionization based technology is capable of removing more than 80% of the pesticide residues from water.