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i-care, New Delhi has installed water Purification System in Police Line Ludhiana. It is functioning very well. This has proved to be of immense use to the famillies of Police employees and Police force as well.

Commissioner of police, Ludhiana

Benefits of i-care Purifier

  • Complete,reliable purification: i-care removes of harmaful pathogenes, viruses & bacteria like e-coil, coilforms, listeria etc.
  • Integrated purification+mineralization: i-care purifiers have built-in lonizer & mineralizer function which helps add healthy minerals & micro-nutrients to the purified water and also ensures that the water stays fresh for long periods.
  • Preserving healthy ingredients of water: i-care does not remove ingredients of water that are important for health minerals like calcium, magnesium & iron, besides essential bicarbonates,chlorides & sulphates.
  • Computerized efficiency with speed: i-care are the world's first purifires with a computerized control panel that monitors ionization levels and lets know if the purified water does not meert WHO & indian standards.These purifiers that can purify water at speeds of 1 to 120 liters a minute.
  • Ease of maintenance & durabilty: i-care is easy to install, maintain, and cost-effective to run, needs just routine servicing and an anode change,depending upon usage.These stylish purifires are designed to last for years.