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User Reviews

i-care, New Delhi has installed water Purification System in Police Line Ludhiana. It is functioning very well. This has proved to be of immense use to the famillies of Police employees and Police force as well.

Commissioner of police, Ludhiana

i-care Advantages

  • They remove every harmful pathogen, virus and bacteria, even bacteria like e-coli, coli forms, listeria that are deleterious to health. Viruses such as hepatitis which are known as “silent killers” are killed as i-care uses a systems engineering approach to provide an assimilated product to meet specific water needs.
  • Use no toxic chemical and therefore leave no such residue in treated water.
  • Maintain levels of healthy minerals & beneficial micro-nutrients in the purified water.
  • Water purified by i-care stays pure for longer peroid.
  • i-care purifiers are easy to install & maintain and extremely cost-effective to run.
  • Current purifying methods like chlorination, RO, UV Sand filtration & Ozonation do not address all these issue at the same time.
  • Only i-care water purifier meet the requirement of every aspect listed above as can be seen clearly in the chart on the next page.